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Home Accessibility Evaluations

Fall Prevention and Home Safety Education

Aging in Place Assessments

Occupational Therapy Services

Client and Caregiver Instruction

Equipment Resources and Training

Collaboration with Other Providers and Vendors

Advocacy and/or Consultation Services


Evaluate the Home

Whether you are planning for the future or dealing with a life altering injury in illness, a comprehensive home assessment is performed. The structures and furnishings are measured when needed and photos are taken to illustrate design and modifications of the living spaces. After also evaluating the person, a report is compiled to facilitate communication among interested parties. "Home" may include a retirement community, a rented apartment or temporary residence. The goal is to create a "home fit" that reduces risk of injury, and promotes independence, safety and health.


Evaluate the Person and Daily Routines

A thorough occupational therapy evaluation will be completed to understand your abilities, goals, habits, preferences and current/anticipated future abilities based on medical history. You will be asked to demonstrate the way you move through your daily routines and to identify areas to address. Strength, balance, endurance, cognition, coordination, vision, flexibility, pain, etc will be discussed.

Options for virtual meetings are available prior to an in home assessment.


Mobile Occupational Therapy Services

Mobile outpatient occupational therapy services are completed in the comfort of your home. Learn tips, new strategies and equipment available to promote independence with your daily routines. If transportation, weather or fatigue is a barrier, we bring the clinic to you in Dupage County.

If living with chronic conditions, OT maintenance services are an option to maintain safety and independence and monitor for changes in your abilities.

Private pay services are also available to help you stay motivated and active. Additionally, Julee is an Urban and Activator Pole instructor. Ask her about the benefits!

Did you know...

  • Most of us (90%) would like to age in place, remaining in our homes in our familiar space and communities.

  • More than 95% of houses are considered inaccessible or unable to support someone with a moderate physical impairment.

  • <1% of housing is considered fully wheelchair accessible.

  • 1 of 3 seniors who live at home independently will experience a fall each year.

  • $50 billion is spent annually for medical costs related to fall injuries.

  • Over $142,000/yr is the predicted cost of a private room in a nursing home in Dupage County by 2030.

Be Proactive NOT Reactive!

Just Right at Home helps you thrive in your home through life's ups and downs.

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