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What is Just Right at Home?

Just Right at Home, PLLC is owned and operated by an occupational therapist to support clients who wish to maintain their independence and thrive in their homes for as long as possible. We collaborate with you to provide expert guidance and individualized plans based on your goals, budget and timeline.


Where should I put the grab bars in my shower?

It is not as simple as just placing some ADA grab bars! If you got this far, I imagine you realize this. Placing grab bars poorly may contribute to a fall as someone reaches out of their base of support. Bathrooms are the highest fall risk in the home with the addition of soap and water to an often already slippery surface. Our services differ as we assess not only the set up of the bathroom but also Just Right at Home analyzes the mobility patterns as you enter/exit the space and perform daily routines. The whole person/people using the space is considered: height, weight, range of motion, strength, vision, coordination, cognition. A variety of products and set ups is contemplated to tailor recommendations to your unique specifications.


What is the process for an assessment?

  1. Intake paperwork is required prior to an assessment.

  2. A 30-60 minute virtual meeting to better determine needs may be requested prior to scheduling an in home assessment.

  3. The typical home assessment make last 90 minutes to 2 hours.

  4. A follow up session to review recommendations is then scheduled.

  5. Once a scope of work is determined, Just Right at Home can provide a list of contractors or work with your preferred contractor to advocate for proper execution of the recommendations. She will advocate for you during a home modification project. Just Right at Home also may provide resources for the recommended equipment.

  6. Following completion of the home projects, Just Right at Home will reassess and instruct clients on modifying daily routines to reduce fall risk and promote long term independence.

  7. Additional occupational therapy services may be recommended if medically necessary.


How quickly can you get here? They will be discharged from the hospital within the week.

Just Right at Home recognizes that life altering incidents can impact a safe discharge home from rehab or the hospital. "Transition to home" evaluations take priority over aging in place assessments. Once a consent and medical release is signed, Julee will consult with the rehabilitation/medical team at the facility and schedule the home scope as soon as schedules can be coordinated with family. Short term recommendations to ensure safety and basic comfort are discussed. If needed, a list of preferred contractors will be provided to the family. Longer term recommendations will be considered but not part of the scope of work for discharge home. These services are nearly always private pay as the client is receiving insurance coverage for the facility admission.


What will my insurance cover?

Insurance may cover a portion of services such as an occupational therapy assessment of the individual if deemed medically necessary and a physician's order is obtained. Just Right at Home is in-network with Medicare B and Blue Cross Blue Shield and is an out-of-network provider with some other insurances. You are responsible for understanding what your insurance policy covers. Services not covered include aging in place evaluations, home assessments while client is not present in the home (i.e. in the hospital), research on behalf of the client, consultation time with other key members involved with the project such as contractors, equipment providers or other therapists. Most insurances do not pay for bathroom equipment, grab bars, etc. but it is always wise to inquire with your insurance representative.


Why do I need to include an Occupational Therapist (OT) in planning for my future?

Occupational therapists are uniquely suited to serve as home safety assessment professionals for several reasons:

  1. Holistic Perspective: OTs are trained to consider the whole person, including their physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being. This comprehensive approach allows them to assess home safety in a way that takes into account the individual's specific needs and abilities.

  1. Functional Assessment: OTs focus on a person's ability to perform daily activities. They can evaluate how well someone can navigate their home environment and identify areas where modifications may be necessary to improve safety, independence, and satisfaction with those environmental interactions. We ask lifestyle, medical and personal questions to truly understand your habits and preferences during your activities of daily living.

  1. Individualized Recommendations: OTs create personalized recommendations based on their assessments. They can suggest adaptive equipment, home modifications, specific strategies and alternate routines to enhance safety and reduce effort, making their guidance tailored to each individual's unique circumstances.

  1. Training in Mobility and Rehabilitation: OTs are knowledgable about mobility, rehabilitation, and the use of assistive devices. This expertise allows them to recommend appropriate mobility aids and modifications to support safe movement within the home.

  2. Fall Prevention: Home safety assessments often focus on fall prevention, which is a crucial aspect injury risk reduction. OTs can identify fall risks, suggest modifications, and provide guidance on excercises and strategies to reduce the risks of falls.

  3. Environmental Considerations: OTs understand how the physical environment can impact a person's ability to function. They assess lighting, flooring, handrails, and other environmental factors that can affect safety.

  1. Communication Skills: OTs are skilled communicators, which is essential for effectively working with individuals and their families to discuss safety concerns and implement recommendations.

  2. Interdisciplinary Collaboration: OTs collaborate with other healthcare professionals, such as PTs, nurses, and physicians to provide a comprehensive approach to home safety and rehabilitation.

Overall, OTs bring a unique blend of skills, knowledge, and a client-centered approach to home safety assessments, making them a perfect choice as you consider thriving-in-place.

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